Thursday, 18 August 2016

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event: Sylvanian celebrities on the Red Carpet

It's that time of year!
The stars of Sylvania shimmering and strutting the red carpet once again.  Glittering designer gown delights, flashing Paparazzi lights. The latest red carpet looks. See your favourite celebrities, past and present, at the 2016 Sylvanian Royal Gala

 A grand entrance from silverscreen Queen, ELIZABETH TAILBURY of the famed violet eyes, dazzling in diamonds.

Veteran British actress, Dame Helen Maroon, stunning at 71.
Badgerlina Jolie, actress and humanitarian
Singer Jennifer Lopears, daring and divine in emerald green. 
       Everybodies favourite "Friend", actress Jennifer Amouseton greets adoring fans    

Julia Rabbits famous smile, as sparkling as her dress

Mouse Witherspoon

      Singer Katty Purry -  a vision in pink tulle         
Kate Moss posing for cameras

Known for her over-the-top outfits, once again LADY GEE GEE gallops off with the fashion accolades

Actress Megan Fox

Singer Miley Squirrelous

 And no event is complete without the appearance of OPRAH, Queen of the talk shows

The much awaited appearance of the patron of the
Royal Sylvanian Gala, Princess Catherine
 Followed by her sister, PIPPA MOODLETON
Spanish actress, PURR-NELOPE CRUZ
Glamourous actress, Marilyn Monrabbit
.....a gust of wind....
Marilyn is still having problems with THAT dress!

Slipping under the ropes, Sonny Seabreeze asks MOODONNA for her autograph. He tells her he wants to sell it on Ebay so he can buy a new bike. Moodonna thinks that's a great idea, and gives him two autographs

Multiple award-winning actress, BEARYL STREEP

British super model CARA DELAVRACOON

     Singer BAABAA STREISAND who we'll hear from later
in the evening     

Simple, but elegant, as always,  actress GWYNETH PALTROO

Singer, Taylor Swifty in red carpet style
      An uproarious crowd of supporters turned out for the entrance of DONALD AND MELANIA TRUMPET       

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  1. This post is awesome!! So much glamour and cuteness at the same time!I had a good laugh reading the celebrities´names.You have such a big imagination! So funny! You´re also a great fashion designer. The dresses look wonderful.

  2. Amazing! I can't believe the names you came up, I got so many chuckles of them xD You picked the figures well, Oprah looks great, and I can't believe how well you posed Kate Moss!