Sunday 4 September 2016

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event - The After Party

And as the Royal Sylvanian Gala Awards
are over for another year, the After Party is just beginning with the arrival of Bradger Pitt and Badgerlina Jolie 

******Champagne all round at this glittering celebration party for the celebrities of Sylvania*****


Marilyn Monrabbit shows modern day party girls, Cara Delavracoon and Kate Moss
 how its really done
Cara Delavracoon and Julia Rabbits share a giggle
"Quick, Katnye, the Paparazzi are looking this way!"
 coos Kim Kadarchiffon

Mayor Waddlington and his wife Wanda thrilled to meet the Duchess of Camembert
Singer Kitty Purry may not have won an award this evening,
 but she's a winner in the fashion stakes
And the party goes on....

A late entrance from Gala hostess Miley Squirrelus

Shirley Basset is famous for singing the Bond Theme song "Goldfinger"
 and appears to be thinking about poking her Goldfinger
into the Golden Cake
Marilyn Monrabbit toasts the golden rabbit statue, thinking perhaps she'd had too many champagnes when she was sure the statue gave her a sympathetic wink and it said:
 "I know how you feel, Marilyn.  Underneath all this golden girl image, we're both just ordinary girl rabbits"


 ****And that's wraps up the Sylvanian Royal Gala Event for this year. Thankyou for joining us and hope you enjoyed your visit****
In case you missed Part one and Part two of the event they are found here........
The red carpet
The Event
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And please feel free to ask any questions about how props were made and I'll try to answer it in the Behind the Scenes DIY section

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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event - The Event

A glittering evening of entertainment about to start, with the arrival of the gala's host, Miley Squirrelus
A bevy of British beauties at the entrance, model Kate Moss, and actresses Monkeyra Knightly and Gwyneth Paltroo
Pink arrives, a contender for Singer of the Year

The evening begins with a duet from legendary singers of the past, Shirley Basset and BaaBaa Streisand, sharing six decades of stardom over their illustrious singing careers.

 Miley announces Singer of the Year Award..... which goes to
*******D R U M R O L L *******


Miley presents this years GOLDEN RABBIT AWARD



Jennifer Lopears joins Moodonna on stage for a surprise performance of "Mooterial Girl"
much to the delight of the audience

Award winner, Taylor poses with 
 fellow singers, Moodonna and Jennifer Lopears

Kim Kardarchiffon consoles hubby Katnye
who missed out on an award this year.
 "Don't worry, dear,
we can do a special episode on your grief this season" 
Actresses Cat Winslet and Megan Fox
And no event is complete without an appearance from Donald and Melania Trumpet

********And that's it for tonight, folks********
****Please come back soon for the After Party****
And in case you missed Part 1: The Red Carpet  it's found here
and Part 3: The After Party

Friday 19 August 2016

Behind the Scenes - DIY Glamour Gowns

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and Stories Behind the Shots

DIY Glamour gowns

or you may like to see various ready made outfits which can be purchased at

Please check back soon. This post is currently
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Behind the Scenes - Golden Urns and Golden Statues DIY

*******Behind the Scenes*******
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***********Golden Urns**********
********Golden Statues********
(and the sad tale of Ingrid Blackberry...:(

A trip to the two dollar store gave me my inspiration for the golden urns. I was looking for something suitable to place my topiary shrubs in, and found these cheap plastic egg cups. A few coats of my trusty gold spray paint (of which I've nearly finished a whole can after this photo shoot!)

And seeing how they turned out, I then decided they would work quite well for the statue base. The golden rabbit balances well on the base.

A set of 4 plastic egg cups - value $2
These should be easy enough to repaint (perhaps to a concrete colour) for future use, perhaps in a park setting or similar.
For readers familiar with my blog posts, do you recognize the rabbit on the left in this statue?
Oh no! Yes, I'm afraid it is...
Ingrid Blackberry from the Great Australia Outback Adventure!!
Unfortunately, due to her adventure, Ingrid didn't come out of it very well. After multiple falls into the river (not part of the story!)... a few too many tumbles in the outback red dust....Ingrid became quite discoloured and lost flocking in places.
So it was with regret that Ingrid got chosen to be one of the golden statues! I'd become quite attached to Ingrid after going through her adventure with her, so this was not easy to do....
Several coats of gold spray paint (this can of paint is nearly running on empty!)
Another child rabbit of similar size with bad flocking loss (one that came in a bundle who fortunately I was not attached too :)
As I was running to time and only began spray painting the golden rabbits the day before the photoshoot, I spray painted them heavily 5 or 6 times to get a complete gold-coloured coating. Probably it would have worked better, with less coatings and lighter spraying if this was done over several days, with a good amount of time for the flocking to completely dry before the next spraying.
ps I must add, I did purchase another second hand Ingrid and camping set before embarking on this project... so "Ingrid" is still alive and well. :) 
Thanks for checking out my DIY posts

Behind the Scenes - Topiary Trees DIY

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******Topiary Trees******
The Search for a realistic looking miniature topiary tree.
I'd been trying out various ways to make a topiary tree for quite a while, experimenting with various options....


One googled idea, was to dip dishwashing sponges into glue and cover with green flocking. As I didn't have any flocking, green paint had to do.
A dismal failure! Not a good look.

No doubt it would have looked better flocked, however even so the method can't be used for the round topiary shape
 How about cut and paste plastic green leaves from miniature sized artificial plants to a Styrofoam ball?
Well... the thought was good, but er....definitely nope!!

Still experimenting....
I spotted some round wire pot scrubbers in the dollar shop. Spray painted them green and they started to get a little closer to what I wanted, but still not there. They might do for an artificial Christmas tree look, but not topiary trees.

  Besides the downside was that these took a lot of spray paints before they were adequately covered in green.


Finally... the simplest solution of all...
 I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!
One of the kids old socks about to be discarded (the woolier and bumpier the better the effect) pulled tight over a Styrofoam ball and spraypaint green!
One sock should produce around 3 large topiary trees and maybe 4 0r 5 small, depending on size of Styrofoam ball used. Of course you then have to add a tree trunk to it, or, as I did, placed it in an "urn" or pot. 

Just right for the topiary look I was trying to achieve.
I'm happy with that!
I plan to try it with smaller sized Styrofoam balls too and might even give hedging a go.

 Thanks for visiting Behind the Scenes

Thursday 18 August 2016

Behind The Scenes - Red Carpet Miniature gold stanchions DIY

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Red Carpet Miniature Stanchions
 (Rope Barriers)
Necessity is the mother of invention!
Looking online for ready made miniature 1:12 scale red carpet stanchions was a great incentive to invent. They were available, but at USD $80!
True, they were absolutely gorgeous, and the stanchion posts were made of brass, however $80. Er, no thankyou!
So it's time to start thinking and look at whats available at home. It's suprising what we CAN make out of what's around the house....

Finished DIY Red carpet miniature stanchions

Ok, so what do we have.
Straws, 5c and 10c coins, super glue and raid the Christmas decorations box for some gold coloured beads and gold rope-type thread. Although it doesn't really matter what colour the beads, as we're going to spray paint them gold anyway.

Glue the coins together, then the straws on top of the coin. And bead/bauble on top of the straw. Then spray paint gold.  Initially I made holes in the straw, with the thought of threading the gold rope through, but it was difficult to do, so went with the easier way of simply glueing the rope onto the side of the stanchions.
I added a round adhesive felt pad to the bottom (entirely optional) to both give it a little more height and stop it sliding around
Hey presto! Gold roped red carpet Stanchions.
Not perfect, but just what I wanted... and hey,... it didn't cost me $80... just four 5c coins and four 10c coins !
Have fun DIYing!

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event: Sylvanian celebrities on the Red Carpet

It's that time of year!
The stars of Sylvania shimmering and strutting the red carpet once again.  Glittering designer gown delights, flashing Paparazzi lights. The latest red carpet looks. See your favourite celebrities, past and present, at the 2016 Sylvanian Royal Gala

 A grand entrance from silverscreen Queen, ELIZABETH TAILBURY of the famed violet eyes, dazzling in diamonds.

Veteran British actress, Dame Helen Maroon, stunning at 71.
Badgerlina Jolie, actress and humanitarian
Singer Jennifer Lopears, daring and divine in emerald green. 
       Everybodies favourite "Friend", actress Jennifer Amouseton greets adoring fans    

Julia Rabbits famous smile, as sparkling as her dress

Mouse Witherspoon

      Singer Katty Purry -  a vision in pink tulle         
Kate Moss posing for cameras

Known for her over-the-top outfits, once again LADY GEE GEE gallops off with the fashion accolades

Actress Megan Fox

Singer Miley Squirrelous

 And no event is complete without the appearance of OPRAH, Queen of the talk shows

The much awaited appearance of the patron of the
Royal Sylvanian Gala, Princess Catherine
 Followed by her sister, PIPPA MOODLETON
Spanish actress, PURR-NELOPE CRUZ
Glamourous actress, Marilyn Monrabbit
.....a gust of wind....
Marilyn is still having problems with THAT dress!

Slipping under the ropes, Sonny Seabreeze asks MOODONNA for her autograph. He tells her he wants to sell it on Ebay so he can buy a new bike. Moodonna thinks that's a great idea, and gives him two autographs

Multiple award-winning actress, BEARYL STREEP

British super model CARA DELAVRACOON

     Singer BAABAA STREISAND who we'll hear from later
in the evening     

Simple, but elegant, as always,  actress GWYNETH PALTROO

Singer, Taylor Swifty in red carpet style
      An uproarious crowd of supporters turned out for the entrance of DONALD AND MELANIA TRUMPET       

Read on for Part 2: The Event here