Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Unexpected Adventures of Grandpa Wildwood in Possum Creek

Every day in Possum Creek was a fine morning, but this particular morning was finer than usual, thought Grandpa Wildwood as he sat at the kitchen table, watching Grandma Wildwood whipping up some scones.
"We've been married for 40 years today, dear", he mentioned.  "Why don't we go on an adventure to celebrate"
Grandma Wildwood was so surprised that she dropped her mixing bowl. Grandpa Wildwood was so timid that he had never set a paw outside of Possum Creek.
"Why, Henry, that would be lovely!" she exclaimed. "What sort of adventure do you have in mind?"

Grandpa Wildwood ahemmed and a-hawed bashfully.
"Well, you know I haven't really ever been anywhere beyond the Possum Gully Glade. I really have no idea. Shall we visit Fritz at the travel agent

 There were posters everywhere with all manner of travel adventures from idyllic spots in Sylvania to adventures beyond in the big world outside. Grandpa Wildwood was already beginning to feel a little nervous and wondering if his idea might've been a little braver than himself.

It was another busy day in Possum Creek's Travel Agency for Fritz Polar. He enthusiastically spent his days sending Sylvanians on all kinds of Sun and Fun and Frolic adventures, when he himself much preferred to stay in his air-conditioned office. He looked up to see his old friend, Henry Wildwood enter the office.

 "Greetings, Henry and Mrs Wildwood! What can I do for you today?"
"Grandpa would like to take me on a travel adventure" Grandma explained, but having never been on one, we don't even know where to start"
 Well, you've come to just the right place, nodded, Fritz Polar, handing them all manner of  exotic tourist brochures, bursting with technicolour photographs of Blimp Rides to Seaside Cruises on Houseboats.
  Grandpa Wildwood peered over his wife's shoulder cautiously, the kaleidoscope of colourful scenery beginning to making him feel a little dizzy.
 "May I suggest hiring one of our bicycles for a cycling holiday in Slydale Hollow? One of Sylvania's top scenic spots, full of hills and gully's to discover"
"Er... I'm a little afraid of heights", Grandpa muttered, and Fritz could see that Grandpa looked more than a little concerned, so he moved across to room to make another suggestion.

 "We have a special deal on this splendid spot this month. How about a relaxing fishing weekend in rural Sylvania, Henry?"

"Er... I've never been fishing, Fritz", Grandpa scratched his head in worry. "I'm really not quite sure it's my kind of thing" He didn't like to mention that he was afraid of water, and avoided bathing at all costs, except for when Grandma Wildwood insisted on his monthly wash.

"Well, maybe somewhere beyond Sylvania.... like an adventure in Spain? How about taking Mrs Wildwood to a Flamenco Dancing Workshop in Seville?

Grandpa Wildwood blushed with embarrassment. It was beyond his wildest dreams. And wild dreams weren't really part of his everyday existence in Possum Creek.
Glancing at her husband, Grandma Wildwood could see that he felt very uncomfortable.
"I know just the kind of adventure you'll enjoy, Henry" she patted his arm encouragingly.
She whispered to Fritz, who hurried out to the back of the store, returning with just what she required.

 Loaded up with a pile of brochures and travel books nearly as high as herself she hurried out to the car.

Feeling perfectly happy, and perfectly safe, Grandpa Wildwood sat in his rocking chair, leafing through dozens of travel brochures, in between cups of tea and slices of Grandma Wildwood's special chocolate and carrot gateau and afternoon naps.
"This is the most relaxing holiday I've ever had, Grandma" he called out. "Wasn't that a good idea I had, dear!"