Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event - The After Party

And as the Royal Sylvanian Gala Awards
are over for another year, the After Party is just beginning with the arrival of Bradger Pitt and Badgerlina Jolie 

******Champagne all round at this glittering celebration party for the celebrities of Sylvania*****


Marilyn Monrabbit shows modern day party girls, Cara Delavracoon and Kate Moss
 how its really done
Cara Delavracoon and Julia Rabbits share a giggle
"Quick, Katnye, the Paparazzi are looking this way!"
 coos Kim Kadarchiffon

Mayor Waddlington and his wife Wanda thrilled to meet the Duchess of Camembert
Singer Kitty Purry may not have won an award this evening,
 but she's a winner in the fashion stakes
And the party goes on....

A late entrance from Gala hostess Miley Squirrelus

Shirley Basset is famous for singing the Bond Theme song "Goldfinger"
 and appears to be thinking about poking her Goldfinger
into the Golden Cake
Marilyn Monrabbit toasts the golden rabbit statue, thinking perhaps she'd had too many champagnes when she was sure the statue gave her a sympathetic wink and it said:
 "I know how you feel, Marilyn.  Underneath all this golden girl image, we're both just ordinary girl rabbits"


 ****And that's wraps up the Sylvanian Royal Gala Event for this year. Thankyou for joining us and hope you enjoyed your visit****
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