Friday, 19 August 2016

Behind the Scenes - Topiary Trees DIY

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The Search for a realistic looking miniature topiary tree.
I'd been trying out various ways to make a topiary tree for quite a while, experimenting with various options....


One googled idea, was to dip dishwashing sponges into glue and cover with green flocking. As I didn't have any flocking, green paint had to do.
A dismal failure! Not a good look.

No doubt it would have looked better flocked, however even so the method can't be used for the round topiary shape
 How about cut and paste plastic green leaves from miniature sized artificial plants to a Styrofoam ball?
Well... the thought was good, but er....definitely nope!!

Still experimenting....
I spotted some round wire pot scrubbers in the dollar shop. Spray painted them green and they started to get a little closer to what I wanted, but still not there. They might do for an artificial Christmas tree look, but not topiary trees.

  Besides the downside was that these took a lot of spray paints before they were adequately covered in green.


Finally... the simplest solution of all...
 I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner!
One of the kids old socks about to be discarded (the woolier and bumpier the better the effect) pulled tight over a Styrofoam ball and spraypaint green!
One sock should produce around 3 large topiary trees and maybe 4 0r 5 small, depending on size of Styrofoam ball used. Of course you then have to add a tree trunk to it, or, as I did, placed it in an "urn" or pot. 

Just right for the topiary look I was trying to achieve.
I'm happy with that!
I plan to try it with smaller sized Styrofoam balls too and might even give hedging a go.

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  1. This is such a clever idea! I never would've thought to do this but it works perfectly!

  2. What an idea! Even better, if one has green socks laying around xD