Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sylvanian Royal Gala Event - The Event

A glittering evening of entertainment about to start, with the arrival of the gala's host, Miley Squirrelus
A bevy of British beauties at the entrance, model Kate Moss, and actresses Monkeyra Knightly and Gwyneth Paltroo
Pink arrives, a contender for Singer of the Year

The evening begins with a duet from legendary singers of the past, Shirley Basset and BaaBaa Streisand, sharing six decades of stardom over their illustrious singing careers.

 Miley announces Singer of the Year Award..... which goes to
*******D R U M R O L L *******


Miley presents this years GOLDEN RABBIT AWARD



Jennifer Lopears joins Moodonna on stage for a surprise performance of "Mooterial Girl"
much to the delight of the audience

Award winner, Taylor poses with 
 fellow singers, Moodonna and Jennifer Lopears

Kim Kardarchiffon consoles hubby Katnye
who missed out on an award this year.
 "Don't worry, dear,
we can do a special episode on your grief this season" 
Actresses Cat Winslet and Megan Fox
And no event is complete without an appearance from Donald and Melania Trumpet

********And that's it for tonight, folks********
****Please come back soon for the After Party****
And in case you missed Part 1: The Red Carpet  it's found here
and Part 3: The After Party


  1. I LOVE IT!! So creative & very funny! All those dresses & props, you are so talented!

  2. Amazing work! Wonderful pictures and fantastic backdrops and setup! The gowns, the golden statues, the red carpet, the lights, everything looks awesome! Also so funny story, especially the names! I had a great time, can't wait for part three!

  3. Thanks Chill and Sylvanako. It was great fun making it all.... although rather a longterm project! (we won't count how long it took!!) I've created a section under the Behind the Scenes tab about DIYing some of the props. They were made relatively simply and am happy how they turned out. thankyou for attending :)

  4. WOW! I love the names that you thought of. Did you make those amazing dresses yourself?!

    1. Hi Emily. Yes, I did spend a while (quite a while !! :) making them. I hope to do a write up on making some of the gowns in the "Behind the Scenes" section shortly. Part 1 - Celebrities on the Red Carpet had quite a lot more dresses in it too if you're interested

      thanks for visiting

  5. Oh man these names are so clever, you have talent, my dear! <3

  6. Just found this and as a sylvos lover thought it absolutely brilliant. So hilarious too. Very clever thinking up those funny names and the clothes and backdrops are just amazing.I love making up sylvos sets too and really appreciate the detail. Really looking forward to more,well done and worth all the time and effort.

    1. Thanks, Tell. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun doing it, although took quite a while, much longer than expected. Would love to see some of your Sylvanian sets too sometimes, so feel free to share your website, or page (or whatever medium you use)and I'm sure I'll pay a visit. :) Thanks.

  7. So many beautiful evening gowns, I can't believe the work you have seen! They look like real red carpet photos, brilliant!