Thursday, 18 August 2016

Behind The Scenes - Red Carpet Miniature gold stanchions DIY

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Red Carpet Miniature Stanchions
 (Rope Barriers)
Necessity is the mother of invention!
Looking online for ready made miniature 1:12 scale red carpet stanchions was a great incentive to invent. They were available, but at USD $80!
True, they were absolutely gorgeous, and the stanchion posts were made of brass, however $80. Er, no thankyou!
So it's time to start thinking and look at whats available at home. It's suprising what we CAN make out of what's around the house....

Finished DIY Red carpet miniature stanchions

Ok, so what do we have.
Straws, 5c and 10c coins, super glue and raid the Christmas decorations box for some gold coloured beads and gold rope-type thread. Although it doesn't really matter what colour the beads, as we're going to spray paint them gold anyway.

Glue the coins together, then the straws on top of the coin. And bead/bauble on top of the straw. Then spray paint gold.  Initially I made holes in the straw, with the thought of threading the gold rope through, but it was difficult to do, so went with the easier way of simply glueing the rope onto the side of the stanchions.
I added a round adhesive felt pad to the bottom (entirely optional) to both give it a little more height and stop it sliding around
Hey presto! Gold roped red carpet Stanchions.
Not perfect, but just what I wanted... and hey,... it didn't cost me $80... just four 5c coins and four 10c coins !
Have fun DIYing!

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  1. Nice rope barriers! I wouldn't have thought of using coins, but on the other hand some weight helps keep stanchions in place.