Monday, 21 March 2016

Sonny Seabreeze takes over the Grand Mansion!

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 New to town, Captain Seabreeze and his endearing family move into the Grand Manor...
Thankfully there's Mr Waters the gardener to help keep everything trim and tidy, with a bit of help from Sonny and Booboo.

It's time for a family photo on the steps of our new home! Face the camera, Sonny!

Sonny!!! Sigh, always someone's got to ruin the family snapshot.

How Gallant! Fresh flowers from Captain Seabreeze for his wife.... from his very own new garden!

And a large green lawn, perfect for Sonny to learn to ride his new bike....

"Look, Mum, no hands!".... er... watchout, Sonny!
CRASH! Ooops!
"Are you alright, Sonny!
And a new wall to climb... "Be Careful now, Sonny!"
And for Sissy Seabreeze big lawns are great for picnics, to invite all your new friends and share secrets and sweet treats!

Until Sonny appears from behind a bush... "Anyone for football?"

"Watch my new kick!"
Oh no, Sonny!