Friday, 29 April 2016

The Mulberry's Road Trip

 George and Mildred Mulberry's retirement gift to each other is a new motorcycle.  Off on their first road trip!

"Time for a Selfie, George!"

 And enjoy the sunset
 And as the evening nears, George calls on his boy scout training to build them a campfire

"Isn't this the life, Mildred?"

The Mulberry Racoons and Motorcycle Set is available for purchase in Australia...

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Windmill Washing Day - A farewell tribute to my Sylvanian Windmill

I wanted to take some pictures of my 1990 Old Mill Windmill which is soon to be up for sale, so the best way seemed to put it into a story and keep a memory of it.
The Old Mill has always been a busy place in Possum Creek. The home of Chester and Willow Thistlethorn.  So many comings and going.

Their hospitality is legendary.

A home where everyone feels welcome... and everyone pops in for a cup of tea, or to lend a hand, or just for a chat.

And on this fine day there's a perfect gentle breeze for Willow Thistlethorn's washing.
 While young Sonny Seabreeze is over from the Grand Mansion lending Chester Thistlethorn a hand. Sonny loves winding the winch at the Old Mill.... the view is always spectacular.
While Willow is hanging the washing out a strong breeze blows a yellow towel right out of her hand

" Oooooh" squeaks Willow, as it flies up, up and away.
As she watches the breeze toss it high, then let it gently land on one of the Old Mill's blades.
Oh, Mrs Thistlethorn, M'am, May I be of help" Sonny rushes to her aid.
"Oh Sonny, you can't", cried Willow. "How could you possibly reach that"
"Poohoo!" said Sonny. "I've had plenty of practice climbing our stone wall at home. This can't be too much different"
"Whoooahhh!" wobbled Sonny. "Maybe it is a little different"
Heroically he made his way to the top of the blade. "Nearly there... just a few more inches and I'll have it."

When suddenly a gust of wind blew the windmill blades...a AWAY WENT SONNY! "Woooooooooaaaaaah!"

And around.... and down and up again "Hello, Mrs Thistlethorn... I've nearly got your towel!" he called as he flew past her....again.

Finally on round seven, Sonny managed to grab the yellow towel.

Tossing it down to Mrs Thistlethorn, who caught it."Oh thankyou, Sonny" cried Willow, clutching her towel and turning towards Sonny, but where was Sonny?
Can you spot him?

She looked up. She looked down....
 "Mmmmmff. ummmmf Mmmmmf quite alright, Miffus Thiffle Mmmmorn" there seemed to be a bush muttering below.

And out of a leafy bush emerged a triumphant Sonny Seabreeze.
"Gosh. That was an awesome ride!"

The Thistlethorn family rushed to help him.
"Three cheers for Sonny!" Willow applauded, as she picked leaves and branches off Sonny.
"Anytime, Mrs T" Sonny grinned... "Just don't tell my Mum"

Have you ever wondered about using Non-Sylvanian items as props. There are many other branded items available which work well. I love the Schleich brand items, such as hay bales, pitchfork, wheelbarrow, buckets. They work perfectly in Sylvanian scenes, adding that little bit extra. See Sylvanian-sized items here.